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What would you do if you knew someone killed your friend or family member?
Who do you turn to when no one listens?
What do you do when you know that
time is running out?
Where do you go for justice?
Maybe you have an idea....
If you have any advice or information regarding Lady Justice's death, please submit your comments, below.

This website is dedicated to the pursuit of justice...
in memory of my sweet Lady Justice
A place for solitude, healing, memories, tears
A time to share ..., TIME....
A time to laugh...
A time to cry...
I time to live...
A time to die...
I just never thought things would end this way...

Before you leave this website, please read the "Words of Wisdom" for warnings and advice. 
 Lady Justice's death must not be in vain.

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.....more pictures of Lady Justice Ari'   "Puppy"

Well, here I am with my new family!
Look how small I was!

To see more pictures of the "happy times" click here.

This was Puppy's first night in her new home....She was only 10 weeks old...In the picture above, from the expression on her face, I think she was a little nervous ....but, a few hugs later, she felt a lot better....This is why I used to  lay her on my chest when she fell asleep so she could feel my warmth and hear my heart beat....I would carry her around in my arms and hold her so she would feel safe and secure....I thought this would help her to not miss her mom and dad too much....And, as time went by, she became more and more comfortable with me.....and snuggling became a regular part of our day...

This was Puppy in her new home.
Lots of new blankets, toys and rooms to explore!

This is Puppy, again....playing with her cloth bone.....


This is fun!
Everyone's watching me play!

Here is Puppy, again, playing with her favorite cloth bone.  At times, I still cannot believe she's gone.  How could someone do what they did to this sweet little angel? 
In the picture below, Puppy is all tuckered out after a fun afternoon of playing "catch me if you can" with my Dad.  She always loved to sleep with her paws snuggled up to her face....she was just so adorable!

Whew! What a fun day playing with Dad!
I always loved to cover my face with my paws when I slept...I was so adorable!

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gone too soon, but in my heart forever
whatever is done in darkness shall come to light