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More Pictures of the happy times.....

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More Pictures of Lady Justice
More Pictures of the happy times.....
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Here are a few more pictures of Sienna and Justice...they were truly part of our family and everyone misses them.  Our family gave them Christmas presents, toys, bones, etc.; even home-made doggie biscuits...
Sienna loved to open her own presents, and even helped my dad open his, too.   We'll miss them both so very much this Christmas.

This is one of our Christmas trees, probably 1989?
Christmas was such a special time for us with "the girls".

Sienna AKA "FurBall" hanging out with my Dad
We would ride everywhere together in his truck.

Here's a picture (above, right) of Sienna.  She just had a bath and grooming (my dad loved to groom her and he did an excellent job, too!).... so she's all fluffy.  One of my dad's nicknames for Sienna was, "Furball"...and, in this picture, you can certainly see why! She was a fluffy, bouncy, playful, loving puppy.  We named her while looking at my Grandmom's oilpaints.  As we sifted through the colors, we saw, "Burnt Sienna".....that was it....SIENNA! There will never be another Sienna...that's for sure...!


I loved playing in Grandmom's back yard.
My carrott and bananna were two of my favorite toys.

I'm so glad I took so many pictures to document her "childhood"....
I just never, ever, expected to lose her now....and especially not the way she had to go...
I keep remembering the dreadful day, October 14, 2003, when I arrived home.
I turned the key to the lock: no bark...
I opened the door to the apartment: no bark...
I walked into the living room: no bark...
I looked down the hall where she usually stood anxiously awaiting my return: not one bark, whine or whimper...
My God...the silence was so loud!....
I didn't know what could possibly be going on....but I never, EVER thought she was DEAD....
I gave you CPR...fighting against the voice that said, "It's too late..." 
I breathed for you until you groaned, softly, weren't weren't weren't responding at all...
What kind of sick mind would have done this to you? And, WHY?



The pictures above really show Puppy's "character" and personality. 
She was always so feisty, energetic and entertaining.  There was never a boring moment with Puppy.  If she wasn't "sassing" me; warning the gas station attendants; or playing with my dad, she was in my arms or on my lap. 
Lady Justice was definitely not the textbook definition of a Wire Fox Terrier.  (Apparently, they're not supposed to be "lap dogs"...Well, Puppy proved them wrong).  She would jump up onto my lap anytime she wanted to be snuggled. 
Well, the book also warned not to "spoil" a terrier....that didn't work. 
How can you NOT spoil such a sweet puppy?

I know I cannot change the past, but if I had a magic eraser I would erase that dreadful date, October 14, 2003, from history, forever. 
But, I know I  must now be thankful for the time we shared one can take the memories away....they took my Puppy, physically, away from me, but they will not take the history of laughs, games, "catch me if you can"; or all of the snuggles and hugs we shared. 
I know that I am the best "Mom" Puppy would have ever had....She required a lot of physical care for: allergies; zinc responsive dermatosis; zinc tablets; antibiotic tablets (1 and 1/4 tablet 2 times a day for a skin infection); Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids at every feeding;  allergy shots (that I gave her, myself); visits to a canine dermatologist specialist....I know I gave Puppy the best parents did, also, and I think Puppy knows it, too....
Now, the void is even more prevalent...there's no one here to "care for" more medicine mixed with peanut butter treats; no more feedings; no more anything.... 

This is puppy, playing in the yard
She had a stuffed banana and an orange, too


The picture above is another picture of Puppy at play in Grandmom's living room....Grandmom used to love to watch her prance around with her cloth bone and toys....she loved to play with Grandmom watching her, too...!
On the left is Puppy playing in Grandmom's back yard.  She had sooo much fun and was full of energy. 
I miss her presence in my life each day.  What a long road this will be...

Puppy loved to run and "prance" outside.  She especially loved to prance around after leaving the groomer.  She just knew she was cute...and wanted everyone else to know it, too...

This is Puppy at play...
She had fun playing in Grandmom's back yard

Lady Justice and her "cousin" Tyson


This is Puppy with her "cousin" Tyson.  As usual, whenever we went out, Puppy loved to "look cute"....So, this is Puppy in one of her sweaters and her jean baseball cap. 
Tyson really misses Justice and Sienna, too. 
On Christmas, when he came to visit, he was so depressed that he just layed on the floor.  His buddies were gone and he knew it.  It made us sad to see Tyson so depressed.  Christmas was always a special, family time. Tyson, Sienna and Justice played a special part of the gathering.  While we were having fun, talking, eating, etc., they were having fun in their own ways. 
Now, there is such a void....and, Tyson feels it, too...


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gone too soon, but in my heart forever
whatever is done in darkness shall come to light