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As you know, one of my pets is Lady Justice Ari', "Puppy", and this is her website.
I also have another puppy....Sienna....(we got Sienna when I was 16, but, when I went away to school, my parents assumed responsibility for her care).....but, she passed away on July 30, 2003, from kidney failure.  My parents tried desperately to save her, but kidney failure is an irreversible condition. There was nothing the doctors could do to save her.  Whenever Puppy and I went to visit my parents' home, Sienna made it clear that SHE, Sienna, was still the young "first lady" of the took her a little while to warm up to Puppy.  But, I'm sure that now they're both enjoying each other's company with the angels in heaven.
Sienna's passing was and still is a daily struggle for my parents.  Sienna was 16 years old when she passed. That's almost half of my lifetime,and certainly, a significant time to spend loving, caring for, and sharing time with a pet.  Sienna was definitely a pampered pooch.....she always had ice in her water; she had the best treats; and, she even saw an allergy doctor, a canine dermatologist, for her allergies and allergy shots.  (Justice, unfortunately had to end up seeing the same doctor for allergies, too)
But, Sienna didn't know she was a dog. She thought she was one of us. She knew how to do many tricks including: lay down; rollover; say goodbye; And, she knew the English language so well, it would shock us! We could tell her," go get up on the couch" and she would; "Go say goodbye" and she would go to everyone in the room and give kisses; "play dead" and she would;
(One time, years ago, I told her to play dead. I had the treats all ready to go. But, I became involved in a television show and forgot all about my command for her to "play dead". Well, minutes went by, and SIenna stood up and looked at me like," Uh...hello....I've been laying over here on the floor for about 5 minutes now....!...Where's my treat?!" It was so funny....of course, I don't think SIenna thought so....well, I gave her extra treats, lots of hugs, and apologized for forgetting.....)
Sienna would love to go for rides with my dad in his truck; She would literally get "an attitude" if someone else was sitting in HER front seat...!
Sienna was also a very social puppy (provided she knew you).  Whenever company was visiting, she would make her way through the crowd greeting everyone with a soft, gentle lickie-lick on their calf or shoe to let them know she was saying "Hi".
We all miss her presence soo much.  Now, Sienna has Justice right next to her in their resting place. My mom plans to plant a garden there, and maybe we'll plant a tree in their memory. 

November 1987 - July 30, 2003

Sienna had many nicknames: I called her "Kissie Pop", "Kiss-Kiss", "Kiss". My dad called her "Furball", and my mom called her "Pie-sie", "Baby" and others.

Sienna with yellow ribbons
Isn't she cute? Click on the picture for more...

And, another picture of Puppy.
This time next to her Christmas tree...this was quite a few years ago

This picture was taken when Puppy was can see how little she is next to her Christmas Tree...this must have been in 1997, when she was about one year old!


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gone too soon, but in my heart forever
whatever is done in darkness shall come to light