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I brought Puppy home with me and introduced her to her "new home".  She was given lots of "snuggly" blankets, toys and love.  Below, are pictures of Puppy eating, playing and just having fun as she got acclimated to her new environment.
There are pictures of Puppy playing outside in Grandmom's back yard.  She's actually playing with a yellow furry bananna toy. She also had a carrot, a tug toy, and many squeaky toys that didn't squeak for long once Puppy had a few bites of them...

Dinner Time
OK, hurry up! I'll let you take my picture.

This tastes pretty good!
I can't wait to drink my ice water......

Nice, Cool Green Grass.....
What a great place to play!

I got Puppy when she was just 10 weeks old  from a local breeder in 1996....she was the last one!  At that time, we were staying with Grandmom because it was closer for me to get to law school from her house.  Puppy loved to play in the living room while Grandmom watched.  She would prance around in circles...almost like a miniature pony....she was so adorable!  She also enjoyed playing with her toys outside in the back yard...or just sitting with me on the porch or outside on Grandmom's front steps to see what was "going on" in the neighborhood...

Ready? Set? Go!
Around and around I go....

Puppy and I would play outside when I came back from classes.  Fortunately,  since I was in law school, I could study from home, when needed, to help Puppy with her housebreaking needs...She loved to play outside in the back yard....

This is really fun!
Let me see if you can catch it if I toss it to you.

"Bite...Bite...Bite....I'm gonna' get you, Carrot!"


PJ Time!
I had to wear these so I wouldn't scratch myself.

When Puppy was about one and 1/2 years of age, she developed allergies and we took her to one of the best canine dermatologists in the area.  After extensive testing (skin biopsies, blood analyses, etc.,) the doctor prescribed a strict regimen of antibiotics; diet control; weekly baths in medicated shampoo; and allergy vaccines...( I learned how to give her the injections, myself.)  In this picture, Puppy is actually wearing girls size 4 thermal pajamas, safetypinned together to prevent her from biting or scratching her skin.  She also had to wear the infamous "cone-head" (Elizabethan Collar) when I was not there to supervise her.  We had a difficult time during this phase, but, eventually, we were able to stabilize her and she felt much better.

Allergies! What a Bummer!
....but check out my comfy, monogrammed pillow...nice, huh?

Justice and her "cousin", Tyson....shown below:


This is Puppy with her "cousin" Tyson. This picture was taken at our other Grandmom's house. As you can see, our family is a furbaby loving family.  Whatever the event, all furbabies are welcome.  Sienna, Tyson and Puppy were also joined by our uncle's two furbabies.  I'm sure Tyson will miss them both...He was looking for Sienna the last time they visited....but, she wasn't there...
This is what also happened after Sienna passed away.  When Justice and I came home, Justice could sense that something was wrong....something...someone was missing....Sienna wasn't there, and Justice knew it...she could still follow Sienna's scent, and even pulled me to the place where Sienna is buried...She would also lay in specific areas in the house where Sienna used to lay.  We could tell she missed we miss them both....

Puppy's  furbaby angel friends:
Mulligan Man
Tucker Bud
 and hundreds of other angels from iVillage's Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is full of friends to keep Puppy company....
At least Sienna and Puppy are together, now.

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gone too soon, but in my heart forever
whatever is done in darkness shall come to light